Satellite monitoring and assessment of ecological environment of the coast zones along the Maritime Silk Road

Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Chinese Academy of  Science



The need for the ecological and environmental monitoring and assessment at the national and regional scale along the Maritime Silk Road, the advance and special platform of remote sensing satellite and big earth data resources are sought to be utilized. The international cooperation and collaboration network of Digital Belt and Road (DBAR) is the base to construct and develop the basic data and product set of the national and regional level ecological and environmental elements along the Maritime Silk Road. The monitoring and assessment of the ecology and environment, again requires the spatio-temporal analysis to understand the trend and project the future status. The coast along the Maritime Silk Road is very crucial in terms of assessment and analysis of ecological and environmental strata to help secure the agenda of the Belt and Road Initiative and to implement the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). The DBAR-COAST, one of the important and crucial components of DBAR therefore, envisages to work and facilitate its research and regional cooperation to achieve and strengthen the Goals and Targets of UN SDG e.g. SDG-6, 11, 14 and 15.

As for the DBAR-COAST, the research contents include four parts i.e. a) The extraction of multi-scale and multi-temporal ecological and environmental elements in the coastal zone and to analysis and assess the spatio-temporal changes of key coastal areas and development of the information products; b) Study, analysis and identification of spatial variation and ecological-environmental pattern and existing problems of the coast within the single factor and multi factor spatio-temporal changes and interaction along the whole Maritime Silk Road region and key areas; c) Evaluation of the comprehensive ecological function of the typical and key coastal areas and accurately assess the sustainability development of the coastal zone and utilization during the construction phase of the Maritime Silk Road; d) Projection and prediction of the ecological and environmental status to help achieve the planning and maintenance of the sustainable coastal development and utilization.

Remote Sensing Monitoring and Assessment of Port City Expansion along the Maritime Silk Road